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Pina Slicer

Freshly cut pineapple

Pina Slicer by Zummo, takes fresh pineapple eating closer to the consumer. This machine has been developed to simplify the process of preparing a fresh pineapple into a ready-to-eat format, offering an innovative shopping experience to customers and generating increased revenue for the business.

How does Pina Slicer make your life easier?

Just choose a pineapple, and Pina Slicer cuts off the crown, removes the peel and core, and cuts it into slices, chunks, or block. In just 15 seconds, your pineapple is ready to eat!

1. Types of cutting

The machine provides two cutting possibilities, which are set by the operator according to their needs. Slicing kit, peels and slices the pineapple, leaving it ready for consumption and the chunking kit, an optional accessory, peels the pineapple and prepare it in practical pieces to be eaten on the spot.

2. Waste collection

Practical cabinet designed to collect pineapple peels. It is prepared to store two crates with a capacity of 50 litres each, and placed one on top of the other, separated by a shelf. The first one collects the pineapple waste generated when preparing the fruit, while the second one offers additional storage space.

3. Panoramic window

Large front and side windows that allows to visualise the whole process of cutting the fruit, from the moment the pineapple is introduced into the machine until it falls sliced into the container placed at the buttom.

Technical features

Processing time

15 ‘‘

Waste capacity

50 l


730 (x) 1703 (y) 600 (z)


180 kg

Power consumption

530 W, 220-240 V, 50 Hz


IP-x2 (JIS 2)

Noise level

<70 dB (A)


Door switch. Magnetic sensor.

Size pineapple

7 (Ø 108-125 mm)

Maximum diameter fruitage

Ø 128 mm

Height fruitage

140-175 mm

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